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Historic Evolution

The department was founded in 1st August 1993. Professor Lai Baozhen as the first directors designed the original courses and later by the joint efforts of successive directors and colleagues, carried out a series of new courses that are more in line with the rhythm of society and enriched the meaning of life and the quality of life to students.
The original courses of the department are environmental protection, counseling, hospitality, tourism, health care and nursing care. With the changes of the society and needs of students for professional training, the curriculum system experienced several integration and adjustment. There are family and leisure areas at present. The family area focuses on cultivating family education, child care, and abilities of life planning for older adults, and leisure area emphasizes on abilities of leisure designing, tour guiding and tour planning.
In 2006, in order to provide students with professional training opportunities and enhance the ability of teachers’professional services, they established a health family research center, which expected to cultivate the talents, conduct academic research and social service from the whole life and family operation points.
The department is not only improving the concept of public life quality, but also implementing four credit programs, including family education, child care and youth life guidance, aging life planning and tour planning with the changes of society in recent years. So they can cultivate more talents in the living sciences courses.