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Department Features

1. Master lecture
The Department invited the university teachers to design curriculum. These teachers nearly from the National Taiwan Sports University, National Taiwan Normal University(NTNU), National Taiwan University, National Chiayi University, National Kaohsiung University Of Hospitality And Tourism(NKUHT), National Dong Hwa University, National Chung Hsing University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Shih Chien University, etc. The practice of school curriculum integrated with high quality and fine masters, which was popular among students. And the school won several prizes in the Gold Award.
 2. The Gold Award winners
We are devoted to provide students the best course by designing all courses carefully. Therefore, in the selection of excellent courses in the schools gold prize list, our Department has never been absent except for the fourth and the fifth academic year.
 3. The course is popular among students
Due to the Departments elaboration courses, all courses meet the demands of students. They are very popular among students, and they can attract a large number of students every year. Therefore, the number of graduates in this department is the top one in the school.
 4. Conform to social needs
The curriculum planning considered not only the needs of the students, but also the social changes and needs. In consideration of the trend of global aging, we designed many senior courses, such as the senior leisure planning, design and evaluation of the senior activities, the living design and the auxiliary tool for seniors and actively set up the Senior University. (It was named Senior school in the 2009 academic year, and it was renamed Senior University since the 2010 academic year).
 5. Remote multimedia learning courses
The department is the only one that provides multimedia remote learning courses in living sciences in the whole country. As the remote learning can effectively help workers learning without affecting their normal commuting and even available on the mobile phones, it can effectively improve the personal knowledge, so the multimedia distance courses is a major feature in the Department.
 6. Taiwan and mainland both praised highly
The remote multimedia learning course is popular to students, it is not only fitted the needs of the community and met the needs of workers, but also widely praised highly by mainland radio and television university. From 2010 to 2013 (two and a half years), the Tianjin Open University has been authorized to use a part of the course as students elective courses, the school obtains license fee about ten million TWD.